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Early in this year's Assembly, a canoe was canvased then filled, over 2-3 days, with a quick drying filler. Can anyone tell me what this filler was, what their experience has been with this product, where I can get more information about it, and where I can buy it?
airplane filler

Hello Lew,
I think what you are speaking about is dacron fabric filler. Word 'round the campfire is that Tom Mackenzie is the guy with the inside track to that stuff. i heard is comes from some factory in Nebraska. i don't know Tom's whereabouts, but i am sure somebody around here does. Also, i talked with Alex comb of Stewart River Boatworks at the last canoecopia here in madison, and he said he had a home brew that dried overnight as well. anyhow, good luck. i guess we'll all find out how good all this stuff works (ed) in forty years or so.
Interesting that you should ask this now,

I don't really know anything about this fabric or filler, except that I just ordered some from Aircraft Spruce to try it on samples. I was at the Assembly and watched them fill the canvas, I didn't get any info about the products though.

They (AS) have both Dacron and Cetanite(sp) along with several different "fillers". The stuff I orderd is appearently a 2 layer filler, they told me to put on the 1st (bottom) layer and then to top it with the other stuff. I have no idea what it is. (not an airplane guy)