Prospector or Olilvy Special?

Bodhi Long

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I am doing a bit of research about a canoe that my grandparents want me to sell. I figure that I should know a little about it before I can make a add with a price.

What I know:

Make: Chestnut
L- 16'2"
W- 36"
D- 14"
Weight 82lbs
Serial #16694

Seems to be in the category of a Prospector Fawn or Ogilvy Special Henry. I found my info from

The canoe has had only one owner (grandparents) and was bought in the early 70s. They told me that the weight capacity was 750 lbs and that it was classed as a white water canoe.

So, is it a Fawn, Henry, or something different?



Maybe a Prospector Fort

It is not an Ogilvy - those had different stem profiles and wide ribs.

It is not a Fawn - those had Vee Sterns.

I think it might be a Prospector Fort. Forts had two thwarts and both seats hung well below the rails for one thing.

Most Prospectors utilized slat seats, but maybe someone wanted cane, or maybe this is an older Prospector.

Prospectors usually did not have a keel either, but maybe someone ordered a keel.

Others here may have better ideas.

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I presume the folding lattice is a floor rack. I've never seen this type before. You may have solved my dilemma of how to make one the is easy put in and take out, as well as to store. Cheap and easy to build too.

FYI- My 16 Chestnut has a SHOE keel....wide and dont show yours...I agree with looking over the site that lists all models...May help you determine the exact model....You will notice in the descriptions that the rib sizes are listed....Ogilvy's are usually wide ribbed....I have one of each!. LOL.............NICE PICTURES!:)
No question that it is a Chestnut Prospector. Factory cane seats and the shoe keel were very common on the Prospector models. One can tell it has a shoe keel because the keel screws are off set from the center line.