Practice Boat

Larry S

Curious about Wooden Canoes
In August, I posted a thread about a boat I salvaged to use as a "practice" boat. At that time, I was trying to identify her, with no success. I concluded she was built by a one man shop, but now I am not so sure. The more intimate I get with this boat, the more I'm thinking she is home built by someone who knew less than I do about canoe building.

None the less, I'm still certain that she is more than eighty years old, so I'm going to press on. (Be careful what you wish for, you may get it!)

The problem is that she is built with very thin material, 1/4" ribs and 1/8" planking. Over the years, she has become very lumpy (just like me). Right now she is stripped, bleached and sanded and ready to start the fun stuff.

The plans call for replacing both stems, fifteen ribs (OH BOY - I get to build a steam box) and about one fourth of the planking. The ribs and stem I can do, but I'm, not sure about the planks. I may have a pro cut the 1/8" planks for me.

It's kind of nice that she doesn't have a pedigree. If she were an old Morris or White, I would be too paranoid to work on her. I would post some pictures, but nothing has changed since the last thread, except that she is much lighter in color.
Hi Larry

I think that of the steps you've mentioned, the planking is the easiest to do. Is it that you don't have a planer?

No, I don't have a planer, and my saw isn't that wonderful either. That's why I'm considering having someone else rip the planks.