Pocock Canoe, Bristol Vermont


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I just purchased my first canoe, and it's a lovely wood and canvas canoe in beautiful shape. It has a brass plaque on the bow that says...Pocock Canoes, Bristol Vermont, on it. I guess Pocock was another name for the town, Bristol, in VT. I grew up summer using lovely wooden canoes and guide boats in the Adirondacks.
I was told that it is all original, but I am not sure. If it is, it has been lovingly cared. There is wear on the gunnel, where it should be, but no scratches, holes, bumps, nothing at all. The wood inside is perfect,as is all the metal grommets or whatever. It is 12' long, and there is no serial number anywhere. Does anyone know anything about this canoe? What I should insure it for? In the future, what to sell it for? It's age? Who made it? I emailed the Pocock Racing Scull people on the West Coast to see if they were possibly related and knew anything about it, but I have not received an answer yet. Thanks for any info at all. Helen