Silicon Bronze/Bristol Bronze/Carleton plaques/etc

Mike Heines

Upstate Canoe Sailor
I paid a visit to Roger Winiarski at Bristol Bronze in Tiverton, RI last week as part of an annual visit to my Mom, my in-laws, and Evelyn's Restaurant on Nanaquaket Pond (best stuffies in the universe, IMHO). Roger has cast hook bolts from my originals so those of you who want one alternative to dress up your canoe carriers or sailing decks can do so. Roger also has cast some Carleton canoe plaques for a customer in the Delmarva area, and I got to see those among others (Beaver, was that you who ordered them?) There are other canoe parts available that are not yet in the catalog - like angle brackets, etc. Bristol Bronze is a one man operation, so he hasn't updated the catalog or the web site in a while. I have no financial interest in Bristol Bronze - just want to let others know what's available if they need parts.

Also stopped at Brimfield's last BIG antique show on the way home to upstate NY. There were many canoes there, even two birchbarks, a sailing canoe, a sponson (OT) many paddles, etc. Very high prices.