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I received a canoe from a friend and was told a little bit about it but would like to know more. Can anyone help? I have the serial number which is 711125. I was told it was an appleton but have recently been questioned about it and I don't really know anything about canoes at all, so I don't even know if this name exists. Thank you in advance for anyone that helps.
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Canoe Identity

Posting some photos of the canoe will make it easier for others to comment on the who done it!

Let's start with some basics...

How long is it? How wide is it? is is cedar & canvas, all wood or fiberglass? If it has wood decks, what do they look like? Where on the canoe is the serial # located?

Some of you mid-western folks, was there a canoe builder in/around Appleton, WI? In upstate NY there was a company that made wood trimmed glass boats called Appleline. As David said pictures would help greatly.

Give us a little to work with and you'll find a tremendous resource on these pages!