Peterborough Shorty Trapper - for Andre


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In Memoriam

My trapper is a Peterborough Shorty. It has a 75th anniversary decal on it, so I think it dates from the 50's. It is a 12 footer. It is responsible for my severe case of canoe bug. We inherited it from my mother-in-law.

The boat, however, is cursed. My mother-in-law was quite the prankster. I think she is still pulling off some tricks every so often that end up throwing me in the drink. I've been swimming with this canoe more than any other combined.

It's a fine little canoe, but tender. Pretty much the only way I will paddle it is solo and kneeling in the center, and heeled. Then it is fine. I paddled it tandem once with a buddy, probably a combined weight of nearly 400lbs and feared for our lives the entire time.

I do use it fairly frequently. It is very light - maybe 55 lbs and it is a nice canoe to explore nooks and crannies, wetlands, small streams etc.

Here are some photos. I don't have any close up photos handy, but I will see what I can find.


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kool phots

Wicked nice canoe! It'll need canvas and a going over, but its not in bad shape, and I was under no illusions about it being seaworthy. At best I hoped to use it for overnite trips with a woods pack and a fishing rod, our hunt camp is on the border of algonquin park. Now tell the truth, is the canoe responsible for you going swimming or was it input error?:confused: Tho I did notice you were wearing a lifejacket.....
Not to worry, my longbows and wood arrows float!