Peterborough shorty trapper - for Fitz

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
Thanks (?) for the photos of your trapper, I had an endorphin rush and picked it up this afternoon. As usual my wife did a great job of containing her enthusiasm. One cracked rib to replace, one hairline crack I'll backside or maybe even leave alone, and a small piece of planking already removed. Outer gunwales are shot but inners are fine, should have it in canvas in a month or so.
If there were two of you in yours my hat is off, wow this thing is small! On the plus side my view driving home was completely unobstructed! Hardly any rasp marks compared to my champlain, were they lazier towards the end or more skilled? Count now stands at 7, am I an enthusiast, collector or in need of help?:confused:


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a healthy interest...

" I an enthusiast, collector or in need of help?"

It is a very healthy thing for adult people to play with boats.

People who have lost the ability "to play" are in big trouble, IMHO.

Entire families can enjoy a canoe (or a fleet of canoes).

(Can you tell I just bought another...?)

playing with boats

No kidding! Kind of a rush acquiring another boat, isn't it... I figured this would be great for the kids when they're older. So what did you buy and where are the pictures?
Little Creeking

This new little boat will open up a whole new set of waters for you.
I have a shorter canoe also and use it quite a bit on little creeks and ponds,sloughs.Way too much fun.I even pole it sometimes on the smaller waters
Little places that you would never think of paddling before will be accessable.
Or I will paddle it solo with somebody else in a tandem if only 3 people want to paddle.
That's kind of what I thought when I decided to get it - it was just too neat to pass up, and its in great shape. I've never seen one of these out of all the canoes I've seen, so it seems kind of unique. At the end of the day, I figured it would be a great boat for kids until they can handle a bigger one.
I wonder if a keel would make any difference - I think I'm approaching its capacity on my own before any gear...
One things for sure, it'll see some small remote lakes around the camp, just need to weld up some racks for the quad...
The cover of the latest issue sort of sealed the deal. Any way to pump it up so I dont have it read in 20 minutes? kind of a long wait between issues to be done so quickly. (thats a compliment to the content, I just want more)
Newest Member of the Fleet

I surprised myself by winning an eBay auction I thought would go much higher and leave me in the dust... the 16' BN Morris--- I'll post one of the pictures. Leaving tomorrow for Massachusetts to collect it-- quite a trip from Upper Michigan, but fall colors are peaking. We plan to drive through Canada (and wave!) on the way over.


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Ah ha

Now I know your evilbay ID - saw your msg to the seller, congrats!
That'll be a fun drive; your defense of my purchases makes sense now, but I'm still trying to figure out IMHO

It's an addiction, a sickness, such that a person afflicted is always looking for the next canoe (project), and for some, the worse shape the project, the better. After a while you'll lose count and only the next canoe matters..... :)

(at 21 and counting, 1 grumman, 3 strippers, 17 wood/w/c)
On your marks..

Okay Andre, ya wanna race Shorties??:D :p
shorty race

Maybe if we put 'em on the roof of the car first! Now you've got me wondering with the swimming comment. Man this thing is small, never thought a canoe would compel me to lose weight! cant wait to get it wet, looks like a blast
Do you wedge yourself between the thwart and front seat, or turn it around?
I'll bet a good size lake trout would take you skiing!:eek:
The dead guy in your garage appears to be resting on a interesting canoe form... is it for all-wood canoes? It looks old(ish) anyways.

I am in Burlington, we should hook up some time... you know, support group for the impulsive canoe buyers.

impulse buy support group

Darryl, was composing an email this morning but the storm took care of that!
I'll attach some pictures of the form, its attributed to WT Bush in Coldwater and its a wideboard building form. A friend of mine up north has a wideboard Peterborough about the same vintage as yours. I've got one of Bush's wideboard canoes as well. We're not positive about the form being his but it seems logical based on its most recent history, and since i didnt pay for it I doubt the person I got it from was making it up to secure a sale!
You're welcome to come by and see my retirement home for old canoes, but I noticed in your profile you only listed one boat so I dont know if you're as far gone as the rest of us....


I think I usually turn the canoe around and put myself between the thwart and the bow seat, kneeling and leaning on the seat. There is not a lot of room there though, so you may be better off facing the bow and using a cushion to lean on.

My son is getting old enough to try and paddle on his own. When the water warms next summer I may see how he does with this critter.


serious addict.
I'm no contortionist

all rite, leaning facing forward it is
judging by the look of the trapper, if I flipped I'd be doing a wet exit, and I'm a far worse kayaker than canoeist....:D
I miss my Peterborough Shorty - that I sold to Andre Cloutier about 12 years ago. This is what it looked like before the canvas was removed, and it was hauled away *sniff*