Peterborough serial number


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello everyone,

I put a post up in the "research and history" section of the forum, but have since (after some guidence found a serial number on the canoe, and thought it best to re-post here. Although obscured by ware and several layers of varnish the serial appears to read: 16C 1055. The only uncertainties I have regarding the digits present in the serial is the digit "C" which might be a 6, and also in the space between 16C and 1055 there may be a obscured "7". Although I believe these last two possibilities are very unlikely I thought I would include them here for others with more knowledge then myself to consider. Any information would be much appreciated. If you are curious to take a look at the canoe, there are some images in my other post, titled "What model/era of peterborough is this? (my first 'real' canoe)". Thanks in advance.

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