Peterborough Canoe?


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I found a canoe in a cabin I bought made by peterborough canoe. The serial number is 1432 6210. I have found out that it's a Peterborough model 1432Riverdale longtudinal strip canoe. Any idea what it'd be worth?...It seems to be in great condition.
I've just posted four pictures on my profile...Check them out if ya like. Any help / info you could give would be appreciated.
Hi Dave,

I just looked at your pictures, and it is indeed a nice canoe! However, it is not a cedarstrip (or longitudinal strip) canoe. It is of pretty typical wood and canvas construction. I have attached a picture of a Walter Walker cedarstrip canoe I have. Walter was the last foreman at the Peterborough Canoe Co.

Nice canoe though, use it and enjoy it!


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Look at the number again. Your canoe looks like my 1492 champlain model. 3's and 9's are tricky when stamped into wood.