penn yan rainbow

Looking at the dragonfly site,, it seems your Rainbow may be circa 1948-1960. At first, I thought it might be the 4th Rainbow built in 1942... but according to the Penn Yan information, those Rainbows with two letters instead of three are from this later period.

A Rainbow from the war years would most-likely have the really uncomfortable plywood insert in the seats rather than cane, so that may help you date the canoe. We have a 1946-vintage Rainbow and found there are holes for caning under the plywood, so we hope to restore it with cane... it's one of those "if they'd had it available, the canoe would have been made that way" deals.


It seems Penn Yan seats were caned using the "canoe weave" pattern, rather than seven-step. Not sure if they always used that pattern or if it's just that the PYs I've seen have that pattern.