Paper canoe??


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am considering building a paper canoe and am looking for any advice (especially from someone who has built one). I have only been able to find one modern account of a paper canoe being built. Can anybody help me? Thanks!
Have you found Ken Cuppery's "Paper Boat" website?

He is quite knowledgeable and provides lots of links.

I am interested in building one too. Thought I'd paper machier over a fibreglass canoe, but have to find one that has a smooth bottom. I wonder about shrinkage and deforming as the glue dries -may need to put weighted straps over the hull. Once it's dry, adding fibreglass and epoxy inside and out should make a strong hull, may need to add some lateral strengthening "ribs" of extra strips of fibreglass.
Jack Hazzard and the Paper Canoe

If you're lucky enough to find a copy of 'Small Boat Journal', #28/Jan.'83, therein will be a five page article titled 'Fine Art in a Plain brown wrapper' built by Jack Hazzard.
Included is the story of Nathaniel Bishop's 1874 paper boat.

Here locally, Illinois, there are several "Cardboard Cup" events. Most of the boats turn out to be canoe or kayak shapes. My exposure was a corporate entry that turned out to do rather well. Most of the boats are considered temporary, but this one actually survived several years.

I'll see if I can attache a picture.

The design was a "streched-limo" concept using an average canoe shape for the ends. The construction was two layers of diagonal strips over conical panels, with a layer of longitudinal lamination. The strips were three inches wide. The material was double-corrugated. The event rules were "no two-component glue". We found that water-dispersed-vinyl adhesive, the stuff they use to glue the bottoms of cardboard boxes, to be the perfect glue.

The basic numbers were; 30 ft LOA, Empty weight 200 Lbs, Racing weight 1800 Lbs (eight-man crew).

(I don't see the pic in "Preview Post", so if they don't show up, I'll read the directions and try again.)


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