Painting a name on an Old Town from 1929


Curious about Wooden Canoes
My 1929 Old Town sponson canoe had a mname painted on the right bow. Does anyone know exactly where the name was placed, the height of the letters, or the font used? Thanks, Doug
Old Town did not have a standard location, size, or font for lettering on canoes. They would do almost anything that a customer was willing to pay for. The first image attached below shows some fancy examples from a Robertson catalog. The second image below shows an example from the HW model page in the 1929 Old Town catalog. Other examples can be found in the old canoe company catalogs at and in the various catalog reproductions available from and on the web.

You may be able to do some paint archeology if you have the original canvas. If this canoe was owned by your family then you may be able to dig up an old photograph. My general advice in situations like this is to do what you like and no one will probably ever be able to prove that it is not like the original.

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