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Hey All -

Looking for a source of Painter's Rings and other accent hardware like copper nails and the like. Any suggestions?
You can find them for sale on EBay......

I am not a big fan of painter rings. They are notorious for splitting the decks they are mounted on. It's a real bummer to find a Morris or other old canoes with heart shaped decks that are split by "accent" hardware. For a hold-down during transport I prefer (on an open gunwale boat) to run a line between the inside and outside rails. I generally use a webbing strap and attach it close to the decks.
On my closed gunwale boats I tie to the seats.
Andre likes to drill a big hole in the deck to pass a knotted rope through, that's another option:p

WRT copper nails, what type of nails and for what purpose? There are multiple sources depending upon what you are looking for.
Great point about the rings. I'm really just looking for options to tie up.

As for nails, these would be completely decorative. Not sure where, just thinking about ideas.
There is the Gilpatrick method. Drill through the hull near the water line and epoxy a length of 3/4 diameter copper pipe in place. FullSizeRender(28).jpgIMG_2776.jpg
Island Falls is a canoe company in Maine. They sell all that stuff you asked about. They are super cool folks.

Just last night I looked up a ring on the internet. It is from West Marine and is part #10729382 and is called Bronze Ring. It is 1/4" x 1 1/2".

Morris attached their painter rings to the stem on the floor of the canoe to avoid what MGC describes above. This is an original painter ring, 100 years old but looking like something one could find in a hardware store today.


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I like that idea a lot. Still seems so far away....much to do before those details. Thank you!