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If you're refering to painter rings for attaching ropes to the decks, bow, stern, etc.... one of the best places for boatbuilding supplies is Jamestown Distributors ( They carry a variety of small harware including painter rings, eye straps, etc. On the Canadian side, a great resource is Tender Craft Boat Shop ( They also carry a wonderful selection of hardware, some of which is very different from that carried by Jamestown.

If I recall correctly, you've been working on an Old Town, and if you really want to be correct, the Old Town Canoe Co. makes a nice painter ring assembly that has been used on their canoes for many years. Rollin Thurlow (Northwoods Canoe Co.; also markets these.

Finally, you could easily make your own from the brass and bronze hardware carried at any good hardware store.

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The holes in the deck have already been bored. I contacted Old Town and they replied that they would not have installed anything on the decks. What I have is two sets of holes 1/2" apart which are spaced about 3" from each other centered vertically on each deck. I may be looking for a needle in a haystack, but I sure would like to match them up.

Also, I am not absolutely sure that the holes are for painter straps. They may have also held the mounts for flags.

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Hope this helps. IMG_0674.JPG
See the attached photo- this is what your canoe had originally, though it's odd to see two of them mounted to one deck... maybe the previous owner moved the position at some point, or maybe the canoe just wanted to show off with TWO painters. The assembly in the pic was purchased directly from Old Town. I can't get to a canoe with an old one on it right now, but they're the same. You can see that it requires two holes to be drilled, 1/2" apart. The large leg is about 3/16" in diameter. The wooden piece is just a block for underneath the deck.



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Okay, I don't normally post things like this, so ignore the text in the attached file... This story from some years ago contains a photo I couldn't find elsewhere. On page two is a photo of two Old Town Yankees that I restored a few years ago (note the old-style repro decals!). Each one has one of these painter rings on its deck. These canoes were from the 1930s and 1940s. The hardware looks nice and is very functional.


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michaelrandrews said:

Eye Strap. Sailboat hardware. Sort of like the pic below, but different screw hole arrangement.
Would work on it's own or would keep a ring captive.

Found one! This in stainless.


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Old Town or Rollins site dont show the painter rings or price for that matter. I need one for my 16 foot guide too.