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Hi, I haven't been here for a few years.
I was recently given a 16-foot 1966 Old Town "Guide" in excellent condition requiring minor fixings such as seat caning, varnishing and use. It has all the hardware, outwales, stem bands and new decals ready to install. It is serial number 175754. It was recanvassed, stripped and sanded about twenty years ago and it shows screw holes where once there was an external keel that was never replaced.
Two questions, please:

- Can someone provide me with the build sheet/info or where to find it for s/n: 175754 ?

- Should I replace the keel? If so, where can I find a plan to make one?

Thank you in advance.

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Benson Gray

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The build record is available at in response to your other message. The information and pictures at have the dimensions and a diagram of a keel. The decision to install a keel is very personal. There are a variety of advantages and disadvantages with either option. This is a common topic here so see and other messages for more details.


Jim Blumig

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I have a old town canoe that I heated the paint to remove it cause it had cracks all thru it what do I have to do next do I have to put a filler or primer on it before I paint it I hope some one can help . Thanks

Greg Nolan

Some pictures will help, but --

If your canoe is covered with filled canvas, and you still have cracks after removing the paint (scraped? sanded?), it is highly unlikely that you will be able to successfully paint the canoe. If you do, the best you can hope for is a canoe that is water-tight for a while, but with cracks that are still visible. A new canvas is the likely solution. If the existing paint is not tight, painting will not accomplish anything.

Take a look at a lengthy discussion on these forums at
-- especially post 4.

If the covering is fiberglass, you probably still problems, but of a completely different sort that others here may give some guidance on.

Again, pictures will help. Good luck.