Outwale bending advice--Followup


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I apparently did not have a reliable steam heat source in my attempt to bend some white ash rails. I would like to know what kind of steam heat source is being used by some of you. I thought a 4" 5 foot plastic pipe plugged at the end would be sufficent but perhaps there is a better way. Would appreciate any and all suggestions.
the pipe setup is what you would want to use for gunwale ends, the box is for ribs primarily, or coamings and any othe pieces needing steam that are 4' or shorter. of primary importance is the temp and quantity of your steam. a propane cylinder, keg or whatever on a propane burner will provide lots for as long as you will need. a kettle on a stove like a coleman will work for a gunwale setup provided you keep it up to temperature.


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Let's see if I can add a photo of one way I steam bend long pieces. the tube is RV sewer hose. It won't collapse and is flexible. I cover with towels to hold the heat. I get lots of volume of steam coming out the far end and then steam for one hour per inch. I also soak for a few days for hard wood.