Advice Needed: Outwale Bending resulted in twisting


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I thought I had made accommodations for any twisting that would occur during the bending process of the white ash outwales. However, Murphy's Law won. Twisting resulted in me ending the process. I attempted to bend two outwales at a time in a double form. Is it the form, me, both or what? Prior to today's attempt I had tried single forms and that ended with twisting. Any advice will be appreciated.
Rollin Thurlow has a great steambending video, Steambending for Woodworkers. You can find him in the WHCA Builders Directory, Northwoods Canoe Co., Maine. My suggestion is to take a break for a few days, until you have a chance to watch the video a couple of times; and have fun, it's only wood. Good luck, most of us continue to pay tuition for our steambending education, there's always something to learn.