Out of the Frying Pan...

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
Hello All--

Want all our WCHA friends to know why Denis and I haven't been seen lately in these Forums.

Denis and I VERY regretfully won't be attending the Assembly as planned. We were set to leave for Maine on July 6th--- to pick up four canoes and do some research--- and then head to the Assembly and take our sweet time returning home.

I'm on the mend from an infection that followed an appendectomy... am fine, just have a bit less energy, which will resolve. And I broke my left foot, which will also resolve.

Denis entered the hospital the day after I got home from the hospital. We'll know more later this week, but it seems he has a cancer that may have originated somewhere else but is in his right lung.

Needless to say, we'd rather be canoeing! Hope all our American friends have a happy July 4th.... we'll be paddling with you in spirit.

Sorry to hear

you are under the weather. Will miss meeting you at the Assembly.
You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
John and Wendy Kimpel
We will miss you guys. Know that we are sending positive thoughts your way.

Best wishes,
Dan and Lynn
healing powers of paddling

Get in your canoes as soon as you can. Even if you think you can't do it yet...paddle! Report back to us on the experience...
The Assembly won't be the same without you. wishing the best for you both. :)
Hope everything is OK with you and Denis....hope for speedy recovery for you....and for good news for Denis
Greetings Kathy, was looking forward to talking to you and Dennis about Morris Canoes. Best wishes to both of you and a speedy recovery. Ray
Denis and Kathy,
This club is much better off with you in it, your expertise, your unbelievable passion for these old canoes and your willingness to give help to others. If there is anything we can do, dont hesitate to ask. My prayers are with you. I'm sad that you wont be at the assembly, and I'm sure all the Morris' and Gerrish's will miss you the most!!!!!!
Kathy & Denis,
You and Denis will be in our prayers. I was looking forward to visiting with you both at Assembly. Peggy & I agree with Ken, ASAP, push off and dance, all God's creatures seek water for healing. We still owe you a paddle trip on our Susquehanna, we had a dowse of it today. Take care of one another,
Dave & Peggy
Get Healthy

You gotta do what you gotta do. Get Healthy!

Take care of yourselves.:)

You guys have been, and will remain in our thoughts and prayers. If we can do anything to help, please, please let us know. Fred and Aleta.
Thanks so very much for all the positive thoughts and prayers. The WCHA is important to both of us, mostly because of the people. Missing the Assembly means missing out on the in-person contacts we were looking forward to.

Denis describes himself as a "non-joiner", yet he joined the WCHA in its first year-- when he didn't even own a wooden canoe. This group has been part of his life for a long time.

The money we set aside for our trip will be used to do what's necessary to beef up Denis's immune system with juicing and other dietary changes.. in addition to what Western medicine offers.

We'll be paddling a canoe soon! And we're already thinking about the Assembly in 2011. I've been telling Denis he has to finish the work on our Belle Isle Morris.


K & D: Sorry to read the latest news. Like the message above, need to get healing going to enjoy life.

. Again , if you (or others ) get a SKYPE screen nick name can try to do a video conference from the Assembly college. ?? I believe their latest update is that up to 10 people can view a video webcam .??
Kathy and Denis,

Sorry to hear of your troubles, hope you both mend and get well.

And get back on the water when you can.

Kathy & Denis,
Wow, we are of course unhappy to hear of your health challenges and will keep you both in our thoughts and prayers. Old canoes are currenly being restored yet know that your doctors have technology that will surpass our canvas filler and marine varnish!
God bless you both, you will be missed at the assembly yet your knowledge and charm will be discussed often. Stay positive and we will see you at the next outing.

Bill & Janette Hart
"Cass river mist mingles with valley fog in early morning as we put in"- Ossineke
Thanks, everyone

Denis starts chemo tomorrow and will carry your good wishes, positive thoughts, and prayers with him... it's great medicine, without negative side-effects, and will help get him paddling soon.
good news

Glad to hear that. I think of you often. Denis is a pretty tough ole bird. I think you'll both be back in the barn and on the water before you know it. Give Denis my best. I'll say a prayer.
Good news on Denis from Kathy....our thoughts and prayers are still with them both....a speedy and full recovery to them both....and return to paddling soon