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Could I see the build sheet for this boat, the owner says this is the best he can do on the number, theres a question as so whether the first number really is a 9, the boat looks like a CS or GS grade 20 foot guide with open gunwales to me, Thanks! Todd


Looks like 9 fits. 99087 appears on a 20' Guide in AA grade with open mahogany gunwales, keel and floor rack. She was painted dark green and shipped to Maine in May of 1930 (some of you Maine-iacs will have to hel decipher the location for me!) Build record is attached.


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For the Record:

I think it reads, "Lake Ambejejus", "Norcross", Maine.

It is west of Millinocket, South of Katahdin, near the West Branch of the Penobscot.