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Hello Members,

I'm planning to begin my frist restoration on OT# 147781, a 17' CS Grade HW sailer with spruce planking built in 1947. Over half of her ribs are cracked and I only have a small wood shop. What are my best options for obtaining pre-formed ribs that will fit properly?

Your best bet is to do them yourself. The OT parts fit notoriously poorly. You don't need that much in the way of tools to make ribs. As long as you have a table saw, and a router, you can make em. Steaming isn't that big of a deal either. All that is needed there is a coleman stove or some heat source that will boil water, something to boil water in, and a pipe to steam the ribs in.
I was thinking pre-formed ribs for a canoe this old would be a long shot.
Thanks for the link, being located in NC I may contact Mr. Mowery and discuss some assistance.

Cooking Ribs


I encourage you to bend them yourself. Build a simple pine box, put some dowels in it for a rack. Radiator hose from your steam source.

Get some northern white cedar and cook it for about 30 or 40 minutes.

You will be amazed.


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