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Gil Cramer

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I'm trying to determine the original color of this canoe and would like to know if anybody knows for certain what colors are indicated. The dark green is obvious. The G S bottom ? might be guide's special, but what might the other initials mean? Thanks in advance for any help. Gil
Here's the build record... I'm not sure what the initials above "GS" mean... looks like B but I'm not certain what the other one is... a C or an F?


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My guess is that this canoe had a slightly lighter Guide's Special green below the water line and the traditional dark green above. I have never been able to pin down the exact shades of these greens or the precise location of the line between them.

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The original owner thought that the canoe was covered in some sort of burlap. Evidently, the guide's special had much heavier canvas and showed a lot of weave. Gil