ot # 133428


WCHA #8341
Well I've gotten the Stelmok/Thurlow book, and joined WCHA, so now I'm ready to start restoring this canoe. Any information on it would be appreciated.
Good Start!


Welcome and thanks for joining the WCHA...your journey begins.

OT 133428 was shipped on May 6, 1942 to Georgetown, D.C., as a 17' HW (heavy water) in CS (common sense) grade. It was built with western red cedar planking, spruce gunwales, ash seats, thwarts, decks and a keel. The original color was dark red, the build record is attached.

Enjoy your restoration experience and don't hesitate to seek help here...send pic's as you progress.

Ric Altfather


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Thanks for the info and the welcome.I will definitely be asking advice as the project progresses.I've learned a lot already just going thru the forums.It's a pleasure having a site like this with friendly informed people so willing to lend help.