OT # 1186000 and 121388

Hey Chris -
118600 appears on a 16' CS grade HW with open spruce wales, birch seats, decks and thwarts, sponsons and a keel. It was originally maroon. It was shipped to Detroit, MI in April of 1937.

121338 appears on a 17' CS grade HW open spruce wales, oak seats, decks and thwarts, sponsons and a keel. It was originally dark green. It was shipped to Philidelphia, PA in August of 1937.

Both Records appear below. I'll skip the WCHA commercial for you!


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Hi Chris--

Both your canoes ended up at Hudson's in Detroit... were they purchased there by the same person?

118600 is a 16 foot CS grade HW model (for those who are unfamiliar with these terms, "CS" stands for "common sense" -- or, without the fancy trim-- and the HW model is the canoe designed for lakes and wide rivers). This canoe was built between July of 1936 and March of 1937. It has red Western cedar planking, open spruce gunwales, birch decks/thwarts/seat frames, a keel and sponsons and was painted maroon. It was shipped to Hudson's in Detroit on April 29, 1937.

Meanwhile, your other canoe was being completed: 121388 was built between April and September of 1937. It's an 18 foot CS grade HW with open spruce gunwales and oak decks/thwarts/seat frames. This canoe also has a keel and sponsons. It was painted dark red and shipped to Hudson's April 4, 1938... the "8" is hard to read, but since the canoe wasn't completed until September of '37, I'll stick my neck out and say it was shipped in 1938!

Denis has very fond memories of Hudson's department store in Detroit, especially at Christmas-time.

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Glad you got the right ones, Mike!

I read the second serial number wrong! But it looked like an interesting story-- and strange that both canoes I found went to the same place, yet their build records weren't near each other.
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