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Hi I just acquired a 1936 OT yankee model 117675. I have the front page of the build record, but it looks to have been repaired twice in the past and I wanted to see if there was any info on those repairs. Thanks in advance!


There are two additional pages to the build record on your canoe. They are posted below, along with the first page of which you already have a copy. Hope this gives you info on the repair work you were interested in learning about.


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Wow....thats more than I thought I would get back. It looks like this canoe had a rough start. If anyone is really good at deciphering all the script on those sheets I would love any thoughts. It looks like this canoe was returned and canoe 121819 was sent as a replacement??

Thanks for the rapid information I am getting hooked on researching the history of this canoe and on these canoes in general.

Currently it has been fiberglassed....but eventually, I will return it to canvas. It is fully functional as is and I need to learn more before undertaking a project like this.

I will post pics soon.

Search in the "Wood Canvas/Fiberglass" forum here and you'll find lots of information on stripping the 'glass off this treasure. It's not techniaclly difficult, just a slow & tedious process that's well worth the effort, in the end.
out of curiosity, I would love to see the build record for OT 121819. Thank you again advance.

Per your request, attached is the build record for 121819 which was sent as a replacement when the canoe you now have was first returned, damaged, by the original purchaser. The canoe seems to have been damaged in transit to its original destination. From what I have seen of OT build records, OT was very good at making quick replacements to satisfy their customers, then working out a damage claim with the railroad carrier. Your canoe was then repaired and re-sold to another customer, likely at a discount. It was subsequently returned a second time for further repairs at the OT factory. That was probably from 'wear and tear' during use.


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Thanks for the assistance with the research. I wonder what the odds are of ever finding the canoe that was shipped as a replacement. I already searched on here for the serial number on the off chance someone already had done a build record search on it, but to no avail. I will keep you guys posted as to how things progress with this one.

The canoe currently has a full length keel....Would OT have noted that on a build sheet? Something maybe added later??? Just curious.
A full length keel was originally installed by Grant on June 30th, 1936 and a new keel was installed on November 18th, 1942 by Doucette as shown on the original build sheets for Old Town serial number 117675 which Roger posted previously.


I have re-posted the build records for your canoe (now in gif format). See post # 2 above. I have included the original card, as well as the two additional or 'back side' build card notations. You will see that your canoe originally had a keel (see the date entry about 2/3 way down the left side. Then, if you look near the bottom of the notations on the last or 3rd of the cards, you will see that the keel was replaced in Nov. 1942. So, yes, OT has records of that much.
I saw that on the build record and the repair record. I guess my question should have read as follows. I have a '34 Yankee which has a keel that is only on the bottom of the hull....it does not extend to the bow and stern tips....the keel on this canoe extends from tip to tip. I was just curious if this was something that would have been standard...or added later....

Thank you guys for helping a newbie out.

The image at http://forums.wcha.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=6372&d=1225838231 shows how a typical Old Town keel from the factory usually looks. A canoe with outside stems will keep the full depth of the keel all of the way into the outside stem. The pictures at http://forums.wcha.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=5326&d=1215537536 and http://forums.wcha.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=5305&d=1215358989 show a canoe with outside stems on the near side and one without them on the far side. Your keel is probably a later repair or replacement if it doesn't look like one of these. Does this answer your question?

Benson, Yes that helped...it looks like the canoe has outside stems as the keel does continue all the way like the nearer canoe in each photo. Thanks for all the help. Have a good weekend!

Hi Adam--

There's a place on the build record for noting whether a canoe originally had outside stems-- on the left side, where it says "O.S. Stems". A date after that would indicate the addition of outside stems when the canoe was originally finished at the factory.


I saw that place on the build sheet and it is not indicated on this canoe. However, it definitely has the outside stems. That was what initiated my questions. This canoe has had several repairs over its life. And then it has been glassed as well. I was trying to figure out if it was more likely that it was an oversight at the OT factory where they may not have noted the OS stems, or if it was something that was done to the canoe later in life....I don't know if adding OS stems is something that someone would do if they had reconditioned the canoe at some point in the past.

tnyankee said:
I don't know if adding OS stems is something that someone would do if they had reconditioned the canoe at some point in the past.

An outside stem is not a typical addition during a repair since the outside edge of the inside stem needs to be about a quarter of an inch wider to support the outside stem. An Old Town with a factory outside stem will be roughly three quarters of an inch wide at the outside edge of the inside stem while a canoe without outside stems will be about half an inch wide at this point. What is the width of yours?

Here is a pic before it got reglassed and unfortunately the OS stems and keel have been glassed over now. Hopefully the glass will come off easily one day.



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