Old Town Sailing Canoe?

Check the number again. 48985 is on a 17' canoe with no mention of sail rig. Here is 48985

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It is also possible that you could have another number or manufacturer if this description doesn't match your canoe. Feel free to reply here if you have any other questions.


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new try OT 48955 16

The numbers are pretty bad. The first three number are 489 the next is 55. It is a 16 foot and should be an OT (has decal) thanks John
Well John - back to the drawing board. 48955 is assigned to an 18' Otca. No sign of a sailing rig. Scan below.


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Try, try again ughhh 48965 16

Okay, this is what I know. Old Town decal, closed gunnels, sailing seat and mast step (no rig). The next best guess for the number is 48965 16. As for the numbers I have two stems. Both numbers on the stems are bad, but here goes. 489 I am sure of (probably), the 6 is really bad, it has what looks like a loop at the bottom. The 5 on the one stem is horrible on the one stem and just bad on the other. The 16 seems pretty clear (maybe).

Do you have any CSI (canoe scene investigation) techniques to bring out the numbers easier?

Thanks again, again,

[Do you have any CSI (canoe scene investigation) techniques to bring out the numbers easier?]

Hi John,

We've had some luck with the digital camera. Sometimes you can adjust the brightness and contrast to bring out the shapes.

Well, this one is a 16'er so we may be close.

48965 was assigned to a 16' HW model in CS (common sense) grade. It has ash seats, decks and thwarts. No direct mention of closed gunwales, but does not mention open either and in those years, open was usually specified on the record. It has a keel and was painted orange. No mention of a sail rig, but that could have been added later. It was shipped to South Beach, CT on 5/31/17.

I also tried 48986 - no luck - another 17'er with open gunwales.

This may be your boat. If not you keep trying to get the number - we'll run it down as best we can. Good luck.


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