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Curious about Wooden Canoes
i found a nice old town canoe under my dads porch while we were clearing out his estate with the s.n.87247 18. can anybody tell me anything about it?
Ot 87247 -18


The canoe you inquire about was shipped on July 8, 1926 to Wolfeboro, NH. It was built as a "Guide Special", common sense (CS) grade, spruce gunwales, birch seats, thwarts and decks. The canoe also had a keel and the original color was slate with lettering on the bow. A build record is attached.

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Enjoy your fine canoe.

Ric Altfather


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I have seen picture of this canoe and it is not a Guide. It has long decks and looks more like an OTCA.

Could the serial number be for a Carlton, can we search their serial numbers?

I suggested the owner double check the serial number.

I know that many of the replies for serial number searches mention that they need to confirm the build record matches their canoe.

Just this week I ran into someone who thought they had a very early Old Town with a serial number in the 1200's-17. When I got the pictures, it took two seconds to tell it was a St. Louis Meramec with the "arrowhead" decks. I think he was a bit disappointed.

I think we all have fun with canoe ID.

guide special with long decks?

thanks for your prompt reply,here are a few pics of the canoe,i was looking around on the internet and from what i have been able to gather,it sounds like the guide did not come with long decks like what i think i have.could they have been ordered special or somthing?


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Carleton serial numbers are all below 21000, and this number would also be outside the ranges of Kennebec numbers. Pictures are too small to see any details, so I would suggest posting larger photos and double checking the number. You could special order long decks and other options for Old Town canoes, but OT would indicate such on the build record.

oops the 6 looked like an 8

well, upon further review,it looks like i jumped the gun by insisting i read the serial number correctly.i cleaned up the serial number a little more and realized that the first digit is probably 6 not 8,so any info on #67247 18 ?.
sorry,i just wanted to see if you guys really knew what you were talking about,
If the 8 is in fact a 6, then here is the build record...the color matches from the photo's. Check both stems for the serial number to see that they match.



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