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My father-in-law and I are embarking on a restoration project on a canoe I dug out of my family's boat house over in Paradox, NY. Scott Barkdoll at Skywoods Canoe (http://www.skywoodscanoes.com) showed us the serial number and pointed me to this forum for addition information (not to mention all the great advice. Thanks again Scott!)

Anyway, I think the serial number is 43230 16 (the third digit was hard for me to read). Anyway, I was interested in getting more info on our canoe. Of special interest was the original color, since I know my grandfather recanvased it in the past and don't know if he kept the original color.

I can't seem to upload the photo I took of the canoe and serial number (for a second opinion), so I'll have to assume for now that 43230 is correct.

Ot 43230-16


If the SN you have provided is correct, you have a 16' "Charles River" in CS grade (Common Sense), with birch decks, thwarts and seats. It was shipped on June 22, 1916 to Troy, New York. The original color was "auto gray". Andrew, if you are not already a member of the WCHA, please consider joining to help support the substantial grants and volunteer hours spent in providing this service and many other services. If this becomes a restoration project, you will find expert advice from the experts on this site. A build record of this canoe is attached. If you do not believe this is the same canoe please let us know and we will search further.

All the best,

Ric Altfather


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