Canoe ID w/ serial Number


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hoping someone is able to help me ID my grandfathers old canoe, which I hope to restore. I was able to locate the serial number, FX 49138 , on the stern stem.
Ryan Scott
My guess is that you have a Penn Yan Carry Canoe model that is 15 x 33 x 11½ with spruce trim and was built between 1940-1949. It may have been the 138th canoe built in 1949. This is from if you want more details.

The page at says "A Reed & Prince or Frearson screw drive is similar to a Phillips but has a more pointed 75° V shape. Its advantage over the Phillips drive is that one driver or bit fits all screw sizes. It is found mainly in marine hardware and requires a special screw driver or bit to work properly. The tool recess is a perfect cross, unlike the Phillips head, which is designed to cam out. It was developed by an English inventor named Frearson in the 19th century and produced from the late 1930s to the mid-1970s by the former Reed & Prince Manufacturing Company of Worcester, Massachusetts, a company which traces its origins to Kingston, Massachusetts, in 1882, and was liquidated in 1990 with the sale of company assets."