Old Town brass screw washers for outwale?


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I would like to find brass washers used to keep the screw from excess penetration in attaching the outwale on an Old Town 1941 CS canoe. These are not finishing washers but brass washers that are countersunk along with the brass screw. The sides of the washer are tapered to fit the angle of the screw. They appear to be either #8 or #10 and are approximately 1/8" deep.

I do not know the correct name of these washers. Would appreciate any information as to where I may obtain these brass washers.
Thank you, Dakin
I call 'em trumpet washers. As far as I know, they are unavailable in the "modern" world. I'd love to find a supplier!
Like Benson suggested, I made my own, starting with a piece of 3/8" thick piece of aluminum stock, but I think a piece of hardwood might work, too. Drill a hole with a diameter of your screw shank, then run a countersink quite deep into the hole. Put a brass washer over a screw and press or hammer it down into the countersunk depression, and the washer assumes the contour of the screw's taper. Occasionally a washer would break, but not often. I was satisfied with the result - it's holding the keel on, and so it is quite visible. Good luck. Al D
Thanks to all that replied. I knew that members of the WCHA would have the answer. I did look up the instaware.com website and I believe that they sell a different type of trumpet washer or I missed something.
OK, I'll give you the secret sourse: http://www.mcmaster.com/#two-piece-grommets/=ed69vh

They are one side of a small grommet. I get the 3/16th size and they work great with #8 screws.

You can flatten the "trumpet" with a flange tool or just screw them in as is.

I use them for attaching keels and decks attached through the inwales.

I think this is what Morris used for keel washers.

Dave Wermuth:

I'm not good at this machine and either I've sent you a reply or I've cancelled it. Thank you for your offer. I would like to purchase somewhere near 100 of these if possible. I also would like to purchase some #10's if you should have any.

My email address is: wilcahol@centurytel.net. I live in the UP. Please let me know the cost and I will send you a postal money order or personal check whichever you prefer. My name is Carl Holbrook.