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I was given a restored Old Town with what I believe to be the original label on the bow many years ago. We are soon to move out of the country and into town and I regretably may have to part with it. I am in hopes that someone could kindly give me a little history on this canoe. Could you also give me some sort of idea of what it might be worth?

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Dykes Blackmon
Columbus, GA


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Ot 172326


The canoe you ask about was shipped on December 18, 1962 to Mays Landing, NJ. It is a 50# model, 15' long with a keel and the original color was OT Yellow. A build record is attached.

Moving to the city shouldn't be the end of your canoeing days? I have kept canoes in spare bedroom at an apartment or even on the balcony but you know your situation better than me. As far as price, go to the WCHA Table of Contents and find Benson Gray's spin on canoe pricing over the years...afterall, it's worth what someone else is willing to pay. Why not keep the canoe and become a member of the WCHA? Even if you decide to sell, as a member you can advertise to the WC canoe community all for less than a local ad in the newspaper will cost. Also, there is a local chapter of the WCHA in Sarasota, FL., and they may be able to assist you. You can find them in the "local chapter" listing in the Table of Contents.

Best of luck in what ever you decide!

Ric Altfather


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