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i just recently acquired an old town sailing canoe that i know nothing about. It's definitly old and has all of the original parts with it. I'd like to look into getting it restored but could someone give me any info on it? Like the year it may have been made, how many might have been made of it. I was told that it "could" have been a prototype of some sort and that it "could" have been one out of 6 or 7 of them made... at least, that's the info that has been passed down through the years.
The serial number is: 99212 16

thank you so much for any help.
Ted Swan
Ot 99212 16


Thank you for visiting the WCHA website. The canoe you inquire about was shipped on July 1, 1929 to Erie, PA. It was built as a 16' HW (heavy water) model in CS (common sense) grade with western red cedar planking, spruce gunwales, keel and the original color was dark green. The HW model was the most popular model sold and represented approximately 24% of Old Towns production...so not sure what was being said about this canoe being a limited model? Double check the SN (both stems) if you think this information is incorrect or post pic's and someone here will help.http

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The build record is attached.

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