Old Filler?


Rolf Warncke
I recently acquired yet another canoe. OT 95203 18' AA HW. Along with the canoe the seller included canvas and some filler. The filler is about 10 years old and from what I am reading on the label it contains lead. So my two questions are:

What is the shelf life of filler?
Should I even consider using it because of the lead content?
Just a guess

i think it'll be difficult to stir. I think I'd keep kids and pregnant women out of it. I doubt you'll suffer ill effect from filling one canoe, but caution seems prudent. Mask, etc. It hasn't affected me one bittle lit.
It will probably be fine..... The solids will have settled out and be hard enough that you'll need a metal bar or long screw driver to break it up.
Pour off the liquid, then break up the solids and add the liquid back in a bit at a time as you re-mix it. Use a drill-driven paint stirring thing and make sure that the solids have gone back into suspension. Stirr occasionally as you are applying it as the solids settle out rather quickly.