A Gallon Of Lead Filler.


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I was given a gallon of Old Town lead based filler when I purchased my canoe. The filler was purchased new in the mid 80's. Is it still good? I am sure it is quite separated so I turned the can upside down for a couple of months. Would it be advised to stop by the local paint store and have them put it on the shaker for a while?

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If you try to mix it yourself, most of the liquid will be on the floor...By all means take it to your local hardware store and have them give it a real long shake...It will come back...I would advise against messing with it yourself...
Hi Michael,

The filler should be fine, but you will need to work this problem yourself.

Keep in mind one of the main ingredients is silica. It will be like a rock at the bottom/top of the can. No shaker will loosen this stuff up.

You get yourself one of those paint mixer rods that you put in an electric drill. Save time and use the drill with a cord because this may take a while. The mixer end need not be more that a few inches in diameter with flutes etc.

Open the can and pour off a few inches of the liquid into another clean can or container. You will now have room in the filler can to stir this stuff and not get it all over the shop.

You will notice the stuff at the bottom is very hard. You use the mixer rod like a drill and start in one spot and drill to the bottom of the can with the mixer rod. Draw it back up and "drill" another hole into the filler. You continue to do this until you've drilled most of it. Now you can use the mixer rod like usual and swill the stuff around. Then you can add the liquid you poured off and mix it all together.

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And if you put the filler can in a larger container, like a 1 gal ice cream bucket, you can save anything that does get loose. :)

In one batch I had, it was so settled that I had to use a large screwdriver to break the slica loose in chunks before using the mixer.

Think about pouring all of the liquid out first, this way you can chop up the hard stuff without splashing liquid all over. Then add some liquid, a little at a time, while you stir it with the electric drill.
(My $ .02 ).
Adding another penny's worth!....If you shop a lot at your favorite local hardware store...like I do...and you get to know the people, My friend puts one of those plastic rings around the lid top and puts it in upside down and I go for coffee and come back in and hour and its like maple syrup in there and the silica is mixed in...Just did this with a can I got from a guy here in town who went out of business and it had been in his garage for years...WORKS FOR ME!;) I just got tired of grey spots on the pants,floor, shirt,etc...think they call it "the easier softer way!"