old canoe found in my dads barn


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Hi I have found a old canoe in my dads barn and was wondering if anyone could help me in identify it ?The serial # is 72021 17 it also has a tag on it that reads (Winchester Sportsman’s Headquarters )not sure if the tag is original or not .any help would be greatly appreciated Thank You,Tom
Hi Tom-- Sorry I missed your query about your canoe. If you can post pictures, I and others here can help you identify what was lurking in the barn... this sort of mystery is fun, but there are many builders who used that serial number format and a simple picture of the deck of the canoe (if it is a short deck) can narrow things down a lot. You may also take a peek at dragonflycanoe.com and the canoe ID information there, and come back here for confirmation. We also enjoy helping folks get their old canoes back into the water, giving their owners years of enjoyment.