Odd creature...

Dan Miller

cranky canoeist
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...captured on film outside its natural environment.


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Hmm, that doesn't look like the completed post and beam workshop I saw under construction a year ago.
I think I know--

The un natural element? Snot about to freeze? The mystery beast? The person who first called it frozen snot. The location? I think it looks like Dan's shop near Madison before moving East.

Dan, I did not know you worked in that medium. I tried it once and am bad at it. But, I'm not all that good with the other methods either.

Shop belongs to the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton. The boat is the 16-30 decked sailing canoe. First time working with glass, which was a necessary evil for this type of construction (stitch and glue). I have to say I am not all that enamored with this technique (next one will be built differently...).

New religion

Dan protests too much. I personally watched him get religion and for an entire week he would'nt stop raving about this new technique. The locals took note and now I hear he's changing his focus.:eek:


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My Gott!So the truth is finally out there.Dan Miller fibreglassing antiques!Next comes the rapture wherin all the canoe sailors are airlifted to Tahiti.
Nah, not glassing antiques (unless you count myself - speaking of which, pour me another glass!). But, put me on the next bus to Tahiti, please!

Glad to see Customs saw fit to finally turn Andre loose...

Escape from New York

Customs were persistent but gentle.
Had to sort out the sign some wise guy posted tho...:eek:


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Which facility?The John Summers facility for the permanently deranged?
The Dan Miller facility for the improvement of fibreglass boats?
Hows the fingers after a Barb Wire Boat?
Resin keeps the mosquitoes down.And up.And decorativly attached.
yer friend in frozen splendor,
barb wire boat

The kind of facility that welcomes with open arms those who would try to sail something 30" wide with 90' of sail (in case they got tired trying to push a rope up a hill)
lots of fun listening for the "ping" as it tightens up, I was trying for the key of "C" when it was ready for the goop.
Splendor? Not to be unkind, but remember I've seen your shop in full production. Splenda, maybe. Possibly Nutrasweet.
Dan et all agree, the old 16/30 was originally canvas covered top and bottom; had to flee Clayton when he came at it with cloth and resin. Guess the restoration costs just went WAY down, bonus. Now to make a clamp on hiking board....