NOTICE: Southeast Chapter of the WCHA is reactivated

WCHA Southeast

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Please note that the WCHA Southeast Chapter has been reactivated. Look for a detailed announcement in the next issue of Wooden Canoe. We look forward to productive interaction among WCHA members across the deep south, especially in the coastal south- southern Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, all of Florida, and the low country of South and North Carolina. Of course all WCHA members and friends are welcome to join in for wooden canoe-related camaraderie.

Announcements will be made for WCHA Southeast events as the calendar develops. One very exciting prospect is the development of a "Winter Assembly" somewhere in the warmth of the deep south, sometime between December and March. Please keep an eye out for news to come. This is by no means an attempt to lessen the importance of the Annual Assembly; it is simply an opportunity for fellowship during what many consider the off-season, but in the deep south is often the ideal time for outdoor activities such as paddling.

The WCHA Southeast Chapter can be reached by email at:

(note all lower case and the presence of an "underscore" between "wcha" and "southeast".

Anyone in this region who would like notice of an upcoming meeting, please email. You will be notified of meeting location and time, and if you are unable to attend, we will fill you in and ask for your input on any and all happenings as the newly re-formed chapter gets organized. Watch for good things to come!


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