Northern Lakes Group tour of the ROM storage area and First People's Gallery

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The Northern Lakes Chapter has arranged a Group tour of the ROM storage area and First People's Gallery on Wednesday March 29. The event is a week day which is the only time the ROM has available. To read about the details of the tour and how to register, go to the Northern Lakes website or click here;
Registration is limited to 10 people and Murat will need your contact details in advance to submit to the ROM. If you plan to attend please contact Murat no later than February 28.

If you're looking for some winter entertainment here are some shows;
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Here is more info for anyone interested...

Royal Ontario Museum group tour
Toronto, ON
Wednesday, March 29th

Plans have been underway to organize a group tour of canoe-related artefacts in the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum. Due to staffing constraints we would be limited to an afternoon, mid-week visit to take place on Wednesday, March 29th at 1pm.

Our group would enjoy complimentary access to the extensive First Peoples Gallery for a self-guided tour. The gallery includes four birchbark canoes on display in addition to selected artwork of noted Canadian artist, Paul Kane, who painted scenes featuring bark canoes in the mid-19th century.

We have also been granted 1 hour access to the ROM's storage facility which contains many canoe-related items not currently on public display. These include dozens of historic canoe paddles, bark canoe models and other canoe memorabilia. Of note is an Anishinaabe paddle dated to 1850, a pair of Algonquin paddles dated to the 1890s as well as a set of Mohawk paddles belonging to the estate of noted Canadian Poetess, Pauline Johnson. These paddles were featured in an article, "The Paddling Legacy of E. Pauline Johnson" in the April 2019 Issue of Wooden Canoe journal. A very well preserved, vintage Walter Dean paddle dated to before 1912 is also in the collection.

There is no cost to attend however, the ROM is limiting our group size and there are just 8 spots remaining. Interested individuals will need to provide their name, phone number and email in order for us to fill out the requisite paperwork for the storage facility access. If you are interested in attending, please get in touch with me to reserve your spot. You can send a PM through this site or contact by email - mvardar2889 at
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