Nontoxic alternative for interiors


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Working on a 1924 OTCA and am almost ready to strip the interior varnish. I'll be doing this in my backyard and hope to avoid toxic strippers. Have heard mixed things about 3M safest stripper, citri-strip and soy-gel. Anyone have luck with one of those or any other nontoxic strippers?

Thanks for the advice.
I tried 3M Safest, and Citri-strip, and they both will work... eventually. But that boat had 5 coats of paint on top of the original varnish. The nasty stuff peeled all layers off in minutes.
Thanks Paul.

Another question for the forum—any WCHA members/enthusiasts around the Cincinnati area? I'm restoring this canoe for a magazine article and wouldn't mind getting some input on my repairs and courses of action.