1. T

    Grip finish restoration on vintage paddles

    Hi folks - I just bought a couple "vintage" Old Town paddles off Craigslist. The one with the guide grip has a spine not only at the top of the blade but also where the shaft meets the grip - hadn't seen that before. I'd like to use them, at least occasionally. It looks like they were...
  2. E

    Patch or paint?

    I bought a 1969 Oldtown sailing canoe last year and need to do a bit of maintenance from some cracks and dings that may have happened on the roof rack. The canoe still is watertight but seeing some canvas threads through the paint makes me nervous. I have some Dolphin marine bonding...
  3. Ezra Smith

    Waterlox Marine for Canoes?

    I will be building a 15ft wood and canvas boat for some solo adventures. Varnishing is a ways off of course, but I wanted to see if there is anyone on here who has had experience using Waterlox products on their boats? I would probably use their original as a sealer and then use their marine on...
  4. Howie

    How to store unused varnish???

    I goofed and bought 2 gallons of Varnish instead of quarts! Anybody have a good recommendation for saving what I don't use? Like... Glass jelly jars? Plastic mayo jars? Or would I do better by buying quart sized empty cans? In the past I've preserved paint in the can by putting a layer of...
  5. sam.p

    To stain or not to stain

    Ok I'm restoring a 1912 Carleton and am finished with repairs and now I'm ready to start stripping ancient varnish. But, the wood without varnish is much lighter. Was the original color of wood with original varnish light or is the dark color the result of very old varnish darkening with age.
  6. Howie

    Varnish Over Old Varnish?

    Ok, so this may be a stupid question - but what the hell, it's too cold out to to varnish outside so why not ask questions. The varnish on the 1965 Old Town I'm presently working on is in quite decent shape. I'll have to strip & varnish the inner rails & rib tips, but the finish on the ribs &...
  7. P

    Polycarbonate Urethane vs Pettit ZSpar Varnish

    Morning, I'm working on my Chestnut Prospector Fawn from the 70s. I'm still sanding and scraping off the old varnish but I've been researching varnishes (likely/possibly spray on at a local shop). I'm applying to clean, freshly sanded cedar. Has anyone used either of these two products? I...
  8. Howie

    Penn Yan with 'mahogany trim' - are inwales mahogany too?

    I am in the middle of stripping a PY Rainbow and notice that when the finish is removed the inwales appear to be oak or ash. Definitely not mahogany. Yet the seats, thwarts, and outwales certainly are mahogany. Before I started stripping all the wood was quite dark, yet when stripped the wood...
  9. Howie

    How to avoid really dark varnish?

    Well, it's happened again. I strip the old finish (with Dad's stripper), clean & brighten with Messmer's Part A & B, and all the wood is a nice golden light brown. Then I apply the varnish (Epifane High Gloss Clear) thinned 50:50 with their thinner and zap - the wood immediately turns dark...
  10. M

    Need some first time advice.

    This is my first time posting, and really my first time doing anything like this (canoe restoration wise). I recently got a 14' 1986 Huron canoe from Great Canadian. Overall the boat is in great shape (although from reading around I hear they might not be the greatest construction, but there's...
  11. J

    Nontoxic alternative for interiors

    Working on a 1924 OTCA and am almost ready to strip the interior varnish. I'll be doing this in my backyard and hope to avoid toxic strippers. Have heard mixed things about 3M safest stripper, citri-strip and soy-gel. Anyone have luck with one of those or any other nontoxic strippers? Thanks...
  12. Jon Bouton

    Help! Inside Rib (with some decay?) refinish / patch

    I can't believe this is a first. I hope some of you have experience that will help. I figured my OT HW canoe would be watertight inside and out and left it outside and right side up for some weeks last summer while the garage was full of other stuff. When I put it away, I noticed that one...