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I just started reading this book, "New York to Nome", by Rick Steber. It's about two fellows that decide to leave New York City during the Depression by canoe and paddle/portage to Nome, Alaska - only about 7,000 miles.

They start out in a second hand Old Town with a sail rig, probably an OTCA by looking at the photos. It was in rough shape when they left NYC and they ended up selling it near Ottawa for $35. I guess they upgraded there to a new "Peterborough Prospector".

Maybe there is more information later in the book, but I was wondering if anyone ever heard anymore about the canoes on the trip?


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That book is a good read.Do not recall much more about the canoe other than the boat they bought to replace the 1st was arranged by somebody at the yaht club they stopped at.

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The epilogue states that Muriel (the Prospector) was shipped from Seattle to New York, but was never picked up, and went for demurrage.
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