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Brian Dolan

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello, My name is Brian Dolan. I recieved a 1917 octa when my father passed a few years ago. I Am looking into selling it and don't know what the going price would be, since I know nothing about canoe's. I have had it stored at a friend's house cause I don't have the room for it at mine. Could you point me in the right direction to someone that could help me out in the MI area. Thank you in advance. Brian I also have a build slip if anyone would like to see it.


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I also have pics downloaded on my PC so I can send them if anyone would like to see... Please Help, I want to pass this on to someone who will cheerish it like my father did. He did some work on it, but not sure what he did do.
Thanks for the reply Mike, But I did notice that classified page. But when I don't know anything about canoes, I just figured maybe someone could help me set a price and or maybe look at it. And give there opinion. I just looked for the pics and can't find them. So I will be going to my friends to get more pic's of it. Thanks again, Brian Dolan