1. J

    Skowhegan boat restoration project

    I just recently picked up a pair of projects. One is an old fiberglass racing canoe, but the other, the one that matters most, is a 1930's-51ish Skowhegan boat. I've been able to do a little research on the company, but really haven't gotten a lot of information. I've learned that the company...
  2. B

    1912 Old Town

    I have an 1912 Old Town that needs the enamel redone. The canvas is tight and clean, there are a few chips and some cracks and it has not been in the water in a long time. All visible canvas is clean and in good shape. My plan was to sand down the enamel a bit and put a few more coats of...
  3. E

    Patch or paint?

    I bought a 1969 Oldtown sailing canoe last year and need to do a bit of maintenance from some cracks and dings that may have happened on the roof rack. The canoe still is watertight but seeing some canvas threads through the paint makes me nervous. I have some Dolphin marine bonding...
  4. J

    Help Identifying

    Hello, My husband and I acquired this canoe for free. From what we know it was just hanging up in an Abercrombie & Fitch before we got it. Initially my husband wanted to fix it up himself but we’re being forced to move it from where we currently store it and don’t have anywhere for it to live...
  5. T

    Canvas Canoe Restoration

    Hi all! I have a new project in my hands and many different approaches from a few experienced sources. My original idea was to fibreglass and paint because I've done quite fine jobs with fibreglass before, and also fits in the time and cost budget. But to be honest, I haven’t explored other...
  6. ewitzel

    Canvas Wrinkles forming while Filler is Curing

    Has anyone experienced this? Wrinkles forming in the canvas while the filler is curing. After stretching the canvas and making sure it was stretched tight, I applied the filler (linseed oil/silicon base). This was last week; there were no gaps or wrinkles in the canvas. Today when checking, I...
  7. ewitzel

    Location of tacks when attaching canvas

    After stretching canvas and where do tacks go? Clinched through the plank and rib? About an inch below the inwale? AND of course, I made this harder since I’ve already attached the canvas after failing to cut the planking a ½ below the inwale. Any thoughts on how to proceed would be welcome.
  8. ewitzel

    Canvas Recommendations?

    Does anyone have a favorite type and/or supplier of canvas? I’m in the process of recanvasing the family 1934 Old Town Guide. Any thoughts would be most welcome.
  9. J

    What company made this canoe?

  10. NickD

    Canvas Dilemma

    So… Just completed my second restoration: a 1919 16’ OT OTCA (made an appearance at this year’s Assembly) and had an issue with the canvas that comes and goes. Here’s what happened including facts that are either pertinent or potentially interesting: · Canvas was stretched on the hull...
  11. E

    25 ft. Old Town Repairs

    Hi all, I am working on a 25 ft. wood and canvas Old Town canoe from the 1960's. The reoccurring issue is that each season moisture gets trapped between the wood and the canvas of the canoe and then freezes during the winter and tears holes in the canvas. In the past we have mended the tears...
  12. D

    Start up questions ? Restoration and re canvasing

    Restoring / recanvasing an old town canoe. several questions I have :, The canoe canvas was removed by someone a while ago. and the main issue appears to be the wood is very dry . 1. The planking on the canoe is in good shape under the old canvas which...
  13. R

    Kennebec canoe Serial #18930

    I am looking for any information on this wooden canvas canoe which I am currently having restored. Thanks for your help.
  14. G

    New Canvas

    Hi all, I need some advise, was hoping somebody out there might have a wise word... Being a practical man a friend has entrusted me with his wooden canoe to restore. It is over 80 years old but it very good condition having been stored in a barn for years. It is cedar planked over ribs (also...