brushable hot gun glue?


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At Assembly we did a demonstration of how to 'stretch' Dacron over a canoe. The first step is to apply a type of hot gun glue along the gunwale line. This stuff is essentially a thin layer of hot gun glue with a paper backing that comes as a roll, like masking tape. During the demonstration, someone in the audience said that there was a type of liquid, 'brushable', hot gun glue which is used by model airplane people, and this could sometimes be useful to us. The folks at my local hobby shop which deals in model airplanes didn't know what I was talking about, and I have net-searched and been unable to find the stuff. If you know of a 'brushable' hot glue glue, please let me know it's brand name. Thanks. Tom McCloud

I was the one who mentioned the liquid glue. I used it on two Dacron applications and it worked great. Someone else suggested that a similar glue was used on model airplanes and I am quite certain he was correct as my nephew is an avid modeler and covers with Dacron. I would suggest you contact Alex Comb at Stewart River Boatworks in Two Harbors MN. I bought all my Dacron stuff from Alex and I feel pretty confident that he could supply you with a small quantity. From what I observed I think you will find it a lot easier to work with than the tape. I believe this is the same adhesive that is used on full sized aircraft.
Hi Gary, I found the Stewart Systems web site and located that adhesive. It appears that this stuff is a liquid adhesive suitable for use in attaching Dacron to wood. I don't see anything on their web site that tells me that you paint the stuff on, let it dry, then lay Dacron on top and iron over it to cause adhesion. Not what I had in mind, but it may well work, and I'll check it out later. Tom McCloud
Google Eko Bond and you will find how to use it you paint it on the wood and use a iron to cement it to the canoe it is what you want. You can call me my name and phone number is in the membership directory.