peterborough 13'9"


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have an elderly peterborough boat 13'-9" long, 14dp and 32 wide. The stem is stamped "1450" and "3254" I know that it was a livery boat here in Oakville Ont and was purchased from them by my father in the early 1950s. We fiberglassed it in the mid 1960s - I know - big error but there was no such thing as canoe aesthetics then. It has new gunwales and decks. I know it is a Peterborough because I remember the sticker on the original foredeck. It now has a sticker again. It has full-width slat seats (repaired). A beautiful boat to paddle and will carry the load of most 16s. Does anyone have any more info on this boat?

Oakville, Ont
Peterorough's model 1450 is their Prospector Pond model. The serial number format shows it was built sometime after 1938 and up until the factory closed in the 1960s. Unfortunately, the records do not appear to have survived, so we can't determine anything else from the number.