Need help identifying this canoe...Peterborough?


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I am unsure of the origins of our canoe, photos attached. It has been in our family for at least 70 years. I believe it to have been made in the Peterborough area. It is 16' 2" long, 32.5" wide, and 14" deep. The serial number stamped twice on the keel is 3069 and can be seen in one of the photos. I intend on bringing this canoe to the WCHA Assembly in July. Any ideas/comments welcome! Peter Galbraith, Markham, ON


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Hi Peter,

Your canoe is likely the "Lake-Queen" model built by the Peterborough Canoe Co, but it could possibly be the "Nipigon" model from the Canadian Canoe Co as only minute details differ between them.

Dick Persson
Headwater Wooden Boat Shop
Buckhorn, Ontario

I don't recall Peterborough using inwales.

I have a Lake Queen and not inwales.

What Canadian builder used inwales?

Nice Canoe.

I don't recall Peterborough using inwales.
They sure did, the Lakequeen model is one and the Riverdale model is another. See attached pictures.

I have a Lake Queen and not inwales.
Well Paul, maybe you remember wrong. Can we see a picture of your "Lakequeen".

What Canadian builder used inwales?
I am not sure what you are asking? The obvious answer would be most of them.

Dick Persson
Headwater Wooden Boat Shop


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OK Dick.Where did you get those Red Arrows from?Next thing you will be literate as well as knowledgeble(however that is spelled)
Closely looking over the pictures you posted I believe I can safely id your canoe as a Peterborough. Several visible construction details clearly point to model # V604, the early version of the “Lake-Queen”. This fits well with your family’s recollection of the canoe being at least 70 years old. A nice canoe, I am looking forward to get a closer look at it at the assembly.

I went through my Peterborough files tonight; and my stats show the Lake-Queen between 1930 and 1943 with inner gunwales, between 1943 and 1956 it apparently was available both ways :eek: and between 1956 and 1959 without inner gunwales.

Dick Persson
Headwater Wooden Boat Shop