My second canoe purchase...


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As all of you warned...I'm hooked. I purchased a second project canoe here in Pennsylvania. The view from the dog house isn't so bad...but the food sucks. My first find was a 22ft Richardson (so I was told) that turned out to be a Chestnut Ogilvy. My newest find is pictured...a 1931 Otca CS with floor rack. The Ogilvy just needs some paint work, but this Otca is a different story. I was hoping to learn whether or not it is advisable to work with the existing decks/guwales/outside stem and splice on end pieces...or make all new parts or purchase parts. I understand that sitka spruce gunwales are available mail order...but how about those decks? I'm happy to report that the planking and ribs appear to be sound on this project! I've been researching this site and elsewhere trying to build my knowledge base regarding these vintage canoes....Is it fair to say that Old Town canoes are by far the most common? Once completed, I plan on using this canoe as a "daily driver"...;^)


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Isnt so bad once you get used to it. Just make sure its comfortable and extended stays are a breeze. Remember, its usually easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.:D
Nice boat - it should blow over fairly quickly, my own experience is that disapproval is inversely proportional to the amount you pay for derelict boats oddly enuf....perhaps paying for what looks like a wreck implies some sort of antiques roadshow find that makes it more tolerable; while (almost)freebies generate intolerance. I'm still researching my theories.


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Now that's a dog house! Actually, I sold a first edition Jack London and a vintage 1940's Chicago Bears pennant on ebay to come up with the 300 bucks for this boat (both yard sale finds...$3.00 invested wisely) I can't figure out what the issue is! Fleas are bad this year!
First Things First

I think your floor rack is upside down. :)

It is your canoe. You can make it as complicated as you like. Splicing replacement pieces will probably work fine.

I like to use project boats to learn something new. For example, if a canoe needs outwales, there is a learning situation there. Or you could learn to splice. Whatever you decide, there is lots of help here.
I'm with you on the floor rack...I think it's been upside down for so long that it no longer fits right side up, as it wont latch the other way. I think I'll try splicing in new deck/gunwale tips...if I screw it up...there's always plan B!