My New Wood Canvas Canoe....Baptized At National Canoe Day


How much storage you got?

Just tell your significant other that it could be worse - it could be antique airplanes.:D
one wood canoe is not enough.

Tim Hewitt started this web site many years ago and his wife Wendy would frequently ask him "how many canoes do you need?" His standard response was "just one more dear." He also readily agreed to her suggestion that he build a huge raised deck on the back of their house one summer. She didn't realize until after it was done that the area below was all configured for canoe storage.

I have exceeded my storage capacity for full size canoes so I'm starting to look at model canoes more actively again.

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Well no significant other....not quite ready to collect models although I love the work of folks lke Chris Pearson....but I like the idea of building a storage area....could be tough setting up canoes as large coffee tables LOL LOL....not good for canoes any way