My Morris Model A project.

I'm in the Chicago area - unfortunately, the six hour drive is mandated by fuel cost - I'll/I'd have to combine the trip. Not out of the question, but not at the moment. It would be nice if there is a member in the Twins' that knows how to 'dig', check it out, or we'll just have to wait I guess.
In any case, at least we know the year's Morris was selling/manufacturing so that should narrow it down a bit, combined with what I'm guessing would be monthly Commission meeting schedule, which should help even more. Another mystery waiting to be uncovered (hopefully) that may include other manufacturers as well.
You all have been doing this a lot longer than myself and I'm impressed with the efforts and knowledge in the multitude of areas on the Forum.
Since I have family in the Twin Cities, I'll eventually make it there. It can be on my list of places to dig before our Morris Assembly in 2015.

This group is great-- we learn from each other and from the canoes.
Sounds like a good enough plan...... Whomever gets it done, let everyone know. I would like to think that by 2015 someone will have found out more. How do I find out about the 'Morris Assembly'? I used to live in the St. Croix Valley, Marine and Stillwater.... awesome area, my 'master plan', has me returning....
Morris Canoe is the topic of the WCHA Annual Assembly, which takes place in July. We won't know the exact 2015 date until 2014. My guess is the 2015 Morris Assembly will be at Paul Smith's College in the Adirondacks... it's a beautiful place with great paddling. You can find out more about the National Assembly in these forums... under Annual Assembly... here are pictures: It's great fun, and any canoe-brands can show up (along with their people), but each year a particular type or builder is featured... This year we featured Thompson Bros and next year we are honoring those who build canoes today.

I used to live in Minneapolis... Lake Harriet, Calhoun, Isles, Cedar etc... and then West St. Paul... now in the U. P. of MI. I know the St. Croix Valley, Marine and Stillwater... lovely. Visited Red Wing this summer-- beautiful.

There are regional assemblies too... you just missed the Upper Great Lakes Regional! But if you want a great time with wonderful people and their canoes-- and you don't have to bring a canoe-- look into the Jag Lake event, which happens this September 12-15. Sponsored by the Great Rivers Chapter (WI and IL) and held in Boulder Junction, WI.
Thanks for information......I'm sure I'll end up at one of them - I did see the pictures of the event 'ooopp-nort' - looks like a nice time.