My Fathers Canoe

Craig Johnson

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Just finished my first restoration, my fathers 1954 OT Guide. he bought new it the year I was born, I inherited it 2 years ago. It wasn't rare or historic, so a good one to learn on, and plenty of nostalgia to keep me motivated through fiberglass removal, 20 broken ribs, new inwales, outwales, decks, spliced stems, and 1/4 of the planking. Thanks to everyone who helped me through this site. Put it in the water this morning, just me the dog and a lot of memories.


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Nice work and congratulations! I feel your pain - I think I reworked your canoe's twin. Wish I'd thought of that modified strong-back rig. My Guide now sports a slightly rounded bottom. We'll see how she paddles in another week or so. Just about finished.
Cool dog, beautiful canoe, great story... thanks for sharing it. It's obvious you know what a treasure you have... not just the canoe, but the memories. Congratulations.

Wonderful work and story! Did the original bow deck have enough of the name plate on it to see if it had the red or black bar? Do you have a picture of it and the serial number on the stem? Thanks,

Benson I sent you a PM but i couldn't attach photos so here thy are


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Excellent! The transition from the black bar with white letters to the red bar with black letters has now been narrowed down to between 1953 and 1956. The transition from the red bar with black letters to the gold letters is now between 1978 and 1981. Thanks,

My AA 50 pounder made in August of '53 has a red bar with gold lettering.:confused: No wait, thats the decal offered through the club that I bought. I'll move my findings to your original post so I dont totally highjack this thread!
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